Cooperation Reward Platform is our organization’s innovation using an algorithm that will reward contributors if they promote Pet It Furward to help with our missions. To encourage more people to contribute we added a reward feature that will uplift the Filipino’s bayanihan spirit, hence, we called it cooperation reward.

We have two kinds of rewards:

  1. PV for coop line pool- The contributor’s payback is based on points, not on time. Every new contribution from our community has equivalent points to distribute in our coop line or queue list. If the contributor made another person contribute, he will earn points (PV) for his payback pool. The contributor who made a lot of contributors may receive his payback faster than the ones ahead of him on the queue list.
  2. Reward Points- All contributor’s payback when becomes due shall receive reward points regardless of their performance in promoting Pet If Furward. This reward points may be saved and exchange for a gift. The gifts available will be listed in Redeem Option page and may vary from time to time depending on our partners/sponsors. Reward points cannot be exchanged for cash.