Pet It Furward Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to promote animal welfare, help control overpopulation of stray pets, and to help animal advocates to find financial assistance to bring pets out of crisis.

We are a collaborative organization.

To better reach and impact our community, Pet It Furward Inc partners with private shelters, rescue groups and other animal-service providers committed to saving pets and fostering responsible pet ownership and regular veterinary care. By coming together as an alliance, we can  surely do more.

Who’s Behind Pet It Furward

The PIF founders Sylpi and Sophia are pet parents like most animal advocates. They spent their entire career in I.T. industry, Sophia being the System Architect and Sylpi as her assistant. They both decided to use their skills and heart to help the stray, feral, abused, and abandoned animals to pay forward for the love and inspiration their furkids has given them.  

How PIF was born

The PIF founders Sylpi and Sophia  spent months of contemplating on how to help animals in need. Thinking how to help without fostering (no space) and without rescuing (afraid of animal bite and rabies). Sylpi joined in dog and cat groups in facebook to observe the current status of animal welfare in our country. Attended different events and seminars to know more about responsible pet parenting and observe organizer’s objectives as well as the pet parents’. In March of 2015, after a year of observation Sylpi came into realization that there are plenty of rescuers, fosterers, and advocate groups but the problem is fund. The problem created by irresponsible pet owners is way bigger than the donation of all concerned citizens. Sylpi focused her thought on ways to make non-donors join the fundraising. Cooperation, reward, and leverage is her key to find a solution. Make people cooperate through reward, everyone wants a win:win situation in our current economy. Once you get someone to cooperate encourage them to duplicate (we need to duplicate ourselves to reach out every strays and neglected dogs and cats around our country) and that’s leverage. Having that thought Sylpi recalls the old program called matrix system, where every contribution lines up for a cash back. Sylpi learned about the new trend “crowdfunding” after a few days. Her imagination finally formed a new system that Sophia will develop for the love of pets. November of 2016, Sophia finally developed the basics of the system. February of 2017, Pet It Furward name was created and reserved in S.E.C. Sylpi and Sophia handpicked trusted pet lovers as co-founders, Lorna a special education teacher, James a bank manager, Ruszhel an accounting manager, and Abby our youngest works in a bank also.  PIF’s S.E.C. registration was released in May 26,2017 followed by Mayor’s Permit and BIR registration in June 2017.  

Our Mission

To help create a world where animal welfare matters. Pet It Furward is dedicated to help both people and pets through education in various ways, improving the welfare of homeless pets, and finding financial assistance to bring pets out of crisis so that both ends of the leash can find happiness.

Our Vision

We envision our country to be rabies-free and our fellow Filipino people to be responsible pet guardians.