About Pet It Furward

What does Pet It Furward Inc. actually do?

Pet It Furward's main program is the the crowdfunding and cooperation reward called PIF Platform. It is a fundraising program to support the shelters, rescuers, fosterers, advocates, and Pet It Furward Inc.’s own projects/activities. Pet It Furward Inc.’s projects will be for Animal Welfare Awareness and TNVR or trap-neuter-vaccinate-return campaign for stray dogs and cats to help control the overpopulation and rabies problem.


What is Crowdfunding Platform?

Crowdfunding is the new term for fund pooling. Pet It Furward’s crowdfunding platform contains innovation to fill in the gap between the people in need and those who want to help. The concept was formed because of the founder’s deep thought on how to address the people’s call for financial help on social media in order to cure their beloved pet  or rescued stray animal without sacrificing the organization’s mission to sterilize  (kapon) stray animals and spread animal welfare and anti-rabies education.

This innovation will accommodate people who want to help by lending their extra money instead of donating. In every campaign, people can choose between Donate and Contribute. Donate is the usual gift giving without expecting a payback while Contribute is lending with expectation that they will receive their money back. Please note that this lending is the usual help we do from the bottom of our hearts, this will not earn interest like the loan sharks collect or the investment schemes provide.

Through our Fund Pooling Platform, pet owners/fosterers, rescuers, and even the animal welfare groups can fundraise for their cause by creating a campaign. Every contribution received through our platform will be divided to Pet It Furward Inc. and the campaign owner (50/50). The campaign owner will not be liable to pay back the contributor, because Pet It Furward Inc. will handle the their payback. In case of donation, the campaign  owner will receive 94% and the Pet It Furward Inc. will receive 6%.

Crowdfunding platform is a fundraising tool programmed to organize campaigns, receive donation/contribution, and enlist contributors/donors in behalf of fundraisers. Fundraisers do not need to make their own list of contributors/donors to post them in different social media group that seeks their “transparency”.

What is Cooperation Reward Platform?

Cooperation Reward Platform is our organization’s innovation using an algorithm that will reward contributors if they promote Pet It Furward to help with our missions. To encourage more people to contribute we added a reward feature that will uplift the Filipino’s bayanihan spirit, hence, we called it cooperation reward platform.

We have two kinds of rewards:
1. Points for payback pool- The contributor’s payback is based on points, not on time. Every new contribution from our community has equivalent points to distribute in our line up or queue list. If the contributor made another person contribute, he will earn points for his payback pool. The contributor who made a lot of contributors may receive his payback faster than the ones ahead of  him on the queue list.
2. Reward Points- All contributor’s payback when becomes due shall receive reward points regardless of their performance in promoting Pet If Furward. This reward points may be saved and exchange for a gift. The gifts available will be listed in Redeem Option page and may vary from time to time depending on our partners/sponsors. Reward points cannot be exchanged for cash.

Why there is no reward for donors?

Donors give without expecting anything in return. Pet It Furward Inc. respects their pure heart.  

Who are the beneficiaries of Pet It Furward?

  1. The animals that needs medical attention (including sterilization), food, and some other necessities. Their human guardian or fosterer will be their trust.
  2. The guardians, rescuer, and foster parents are indirectly but equally benefited because they love that animal and wanted to save them.

Why use Pet It Furward website? Is it safe?

Pet It Furward website is safe. We have 14 years of experience in web development and administration. The Pet It Furward website contains the platform that handles the contribution, donation, cooperation reward system, and other features necessary. The system is more accurate, faster, and cost efficient than manual labor. We also maintain a backup server and printed report daily. All your donations/contributions to all campaigns are safely recorded and viewable in real-time. A lot easier to check for updates on campaign statuses than your usual facebook group threads.

How does PIF Platform work?

  1. You need to register in PIF website, read and accept the terms of use.
  2. You decide what do you want to do. Do you want to help or do you need help?
  3. If you want to help, have your account activated by clicking the activation button in member page and type in your referrer’s ID. Then get some “paws” (our currency used for contributing/donating) through money transfer or bank deposit and notify us (through notify bank deposit tab in member page). When your paws are credited in your account you can browse campaigns and choose where you want to contribute/donate. If you contribute, the campaign owner will receive P50 for every 100 paws you give while you earn 1 slot for every 100 paws and falls in line for a payback and reward, just wait patiently. It may take weeks or a year depending on the community’s dedication to help us. Join us promoting PIF to your friends and relatives (referrals), every time your referrals contribute your slot in queue will mature faster. Matured slot will automatically add P100 to your e-wallet and 2000 points to your reward. You can encash your e-wallet, buy paws and contribute again, or use it to buy items in PIF online shop. Your reward can only be used to redeem an item. If you donate, the campaign owner will receive P94. You will not earn a slot for payback and reward since it is donation.  
  4. If you need help, have yourself accredited by submitting valid IDs. Create a campaign and promote it. Donors and contributors always ask for transparency so please be transparent and detailed of your needs to gain trust from them. The target fund amount is your funding budget and we will pay your bills directly. If you are a duly registered non profit organization,  we can send cash.  
  5. If you cannot contribute or donate because you only have enough for your own pets, why not buy from our online shop? Every product you purchase will give you paws. Once you have collected 100 Paws then you can finally contribute/donate to a campaign.

Do you provide user support?

Yes, since most people uses facebook chat, our staff and hopefully volunteer(s) will try their very best to provide support via facebook. Web users can use our own private messenger in PIF web site.  

Who can raise funds in PIF Platform?

Anyone on behalf of the stray or abandoned dog or cat can raise fund for its rescue, rehabilitation, medical needs, and food provided they can include proof that they have the animal with them. Pet animals with owner who cannot afford their medical bills can also raise fund regardless of their status in life. Our unpaid contributors who lend their companion animal’s savings/fund are also entitled to fundraise. Fundraisers who will use PIF Platform are required to be accredited (must submit proof of identification).

Can I create a campaign on behalf of someone?

We can allow it if that someone has no capability to access PIF Platform but you must submit authorization letter and his/her valid ID, and a photo of you together in our accreditation facility.

I want to be anonymous, can I use an alias?

We will allow alias for donors and contributors only.         We will not approve campaigns with alias names unless you represent a group. People will entrust you their money therefore you should at least entrust them your real name.

Can a filipino or foreigner outside the Philippines join PIF?

They can join and become a donor or contributor. We will appreciate help from anyone and anywhere. With regards to creating a campaign, we cannot accommodate beneficiaries outside the Philippines.

Do you rescue dogs/cats?

We do not rescue animals at the moment. We support rescuers via PIF platform to raise fund for their rescuing activities.

About Registration

Is it required to have an E-mail?

Regular registration will require an email, registration via Facebook won’t but we suggest you to have one because it might help you with account recovery and security some day (like if you forgot your password, or if you got social hacked).

Is it required to have mobile/phone number?

No, but you need to have other means to communicate with us. We need other means of communication aside from facebook messenger and email because the internet in our country is not 100% reliable.

What is a referrer and referral?

Referrer is someone who lead you to PIF and referral is someone who registered in PIF through your promotion.

Is it required to have a referrer? What if I don’t have one.

Yes, our system requires it. It is a good practice to give credit to those who spends time to promote our advocacy. Where did you learn about PIF? If it came from someone ask his/her User ID so when you register you can type it in your account activation. If you learned about Pet It Furward from our own ads then your referrer ID must be “petitfurward”. When you promote us to your friends and relatives, you should give them your user ID too.

What is the benefit of having a referrer and referrals?

The benefit of having referrals is that your payback and reward will mature faster. Every time your referrals contribute your payback in queue list will receive points even if you are not on the top of the queue list in coop line.

Why is the time  zone different from Philippines?

The time zone setting is at GMT +0000. You can change it in your User Preference Editor. To go there click your username on upper right of the website then click Profile. You will see the User Preference button on your left panel. Our time zone in Philippines is GMT +8000.

About the Campaign

Is C-section delivery or other condition related to giving birth or delivery allowed to be funded?

We do not encourage pet breeding. If the dog or cat in not aspin/puspin we will suspect they were used to make money then we cannot  approve the campaign. We can consider the campaign if the owner will agree to include a contract to spay/neuter the pet after giving birth/treatment.

It is really an emergency, the vet doctor wants a down payment before they treat the pet. What shall I do?

We cannot promise a 100% success on any campaign. Your options are: (1)You pay the downpayment and make the O.R. under Pet It Furward, Inc.’s name then create the campaign and include the O.R. photo in your campaign and the amount in target fund. (2)You create the campaign and promote immediately. Some people might feel the urgency and contribute/donate as soon as they can.*Don’t forget to include contact number or fb page of the Vet clinic so we can coordinate with them.

I foster rescued dogs/cats and most of the time what I need is pet food, can I make my campaign’s period one year?

We suggest you to make a shorter campaign period and create another one after it ended.

About the Fund Raised

Why do you take the 50% of contribution earned from a campaign?

This crowdfunding is the fundraising program of Pet It Furward Inc. We did not take the 50% from the campaign owner. We shared the 50%, as donation, to the campaign owner. Remember we owe the 100% contribution from the contributor. Pet It Furward is liable to pay the contributors back, not the campaign owner. We are doing bayanihan, we help each other that’s why we share 50/50. Except for donation, at least they get 94%.

What if I did not reach my funding target?

You still get what you raised even if you did not reach the target after it ended.

When do I receive the fund raised?

You can claim after the campaign ends but if you have urgent bills and medicines you can send us a request to claim as long as you have enough fund for it. Remember you need to request and tell us that your campaign has ended.

Can I claim my funds in “cash”?

You can claim your fund in cash if:
A. You are a duly registered non profit organization and can give us official receipt for the donation.
B. You paid the vet’s down payment of an emergency case and the O.R. receipt is named after Pet It Furward Inc. Please note that the official receipt’s date and the campaign’s should be within 2 days.
C. Miscellaneous expenses (like transportation, fare, food, etc.) are properly included in the campaign for transparency.  

Pet It Furward Inc. is a duly registered non-profit organization, it is our duty to ensure our donors’ and contributors’ money is spent as efficiently and effectively as possible. Financial reports will be audited by independent CPA and will be submitted to BIR and SEC yearly. The CPAs will check our official receipts.

About Payback

How long can I receive my payback?

We cannot guarantee the number of days. It will depend on our community’s participation in our campaigns and online shop. That is why we are using point system in our payback meter or pool to determine when it will become due. Contributors and their cooperation to invite their friends and relatives is the biggest factor for our pawsome bayanihan’s success. We will do our best effort to give you better rewards because that.  

My question is not in the list.

If you have questions that are not answered in this FAQ page you can check our facebook page for support.