Be a Volunteer

When you volunteer with Pet It Furward Inc., you’re giving the animals one of the greatest gifts of all — your time. We are incredibly grateful if you will choose to join us.

Positions Available:

HelpDesk - Assist users and answer inquiries on Pet It Furward Platform via facebook group support.

Moderator - Accredits user and approves campaign on Pet It Furward Platform. Computer knowledge and computer access is required.

Blogger/Writer - Assist in documenting events and activities of Pet It Furward Inc.

Graphic Artist - Assist in lay outing and designing infographics, posters, etc. for Pet It Furward Inc.

Events Coordinator - Assist in organizing events and activities, man information booths, and interact with people during events.

Photographer/Videographer - Assist in photo requirements and covering events and  programs of Pet It Furward Inc.


1. Must be 18  years old and above.

2. Must be capable of performing chosen task/s.

3. Most task will require a computer and internet at home.

To maintain your volunteer status:

1. You must share at least 1 hour per week for at least 6 months if you are a HelpDesk or Moderator volunteer.

2. You should perform your chosen task at least once a month for at least 6 months. If you are a Blogger or Graphic Artist volunteer.

3. You must always find a way to join and help Pet It Furward Inc. whenever there's an event.

4. You should abide by all Pet It Furward Inc. policies, regulations, and procedures.

5. You should do your best as a volunteer on the task that you were assigned.

6. You should be a responsible pet guardian at all times.

The Process:

1. Complete the volunteer application form.

2. After we review your application, you will be receiving an e-mail or text from us to inform your status.

3. If accepted, you will be asked of your schedule for the orientation and training. Please do not miss your scheduled orientation.

4. You become a volunteer after you attend the orientation.

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