Crowdfunding is the new term for fund pooling. Pet It Furward’s crowdfunding platform contains innovation to fill in the gap between the people in need and those who want to help. The concept was formed because of the founder’s deep thought on how to address the people’s call for financial help on social media in order to cure their beloved pet or rescued stray animal without sacrificing the organization’s mission to sterilize (kapon) stray animals and spread animal welfare and anti-rabies education.

This innovation will accommodate people who want to help by lending their extra money and not just donating. In every campaign, people can choose between Donate and Contribute. Donate is the usual gift giving without expecting a payback while Contribute is lending with expectation that they will receive their money back. Please note that this lending is the usual help we do from the bottom of our hearts, this will not earn interest like the loan sharks collect or the investment schemes provide.

Through our Crowdfunding Platform, pet owners/fosterers, rescuers, and even the animal welfare groups can fundraise for their cause by creating a campaign. Every contribution received through our platform will be divided to Pet It Furward Inc. and the campaign owner (50/50). The campaign owner will not be liable to pay back the contributor, because Pet It Furward Inc. will handle their payback. In case of donation, the campaign owner will receive 94% and the Pet It Furward Inc. will receive 6%.